“Respectable living to the community” is our motto. Growth of company is the growth & prosperity of those hands which make us proud in front of our customers. We ensure that the skills of our weavers are matched to the needs of our customers.



We look upon business not merely as a source of income and profit, but as a way of life, as a medium to utilize our talents to innovative and fruitful use, While at the same time exploring an opportunity for the prosperity & promotion of holistic community in rural and tribal areas of Pakistan.



  • To enhance economic returns for artisans through global market linkages.
  • To connect artisans with the end customers, thus building relationships and infusing human touch to the carpet value chain.
  • To link artisans with the initiatives undertaken by government, business and civil society to promote economic well-being of artisans.
  • To innovate and develop equipment’s and process for easing out the working of artisans like innovations in wool processing, dying, weaving and knotting with comfort.
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